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My alias is SMODEV, based in Osijek (Croatia) and I am a self-taught UI developer since 2017. I'm very dedicated and determined, but often also lazy (who can blame me). In a team, I really flourish, but I am one of those who like to charge and be at the front.

I have an eye for detail and I like to optimize things. Sometimes that can be good and sometimes bad, I can get lost in the details in ways that I often forget to bring things to an end.

I love learning new things, and that has led me to a career change. At my previous job, I didn't have to, and it was all on autopilot. As a developer in the first three years, I have learned more than the last ten years in my previous job.

I will be pleased to expand my Skills & Tools as I master new ones.

Of course, my life doesn't just consist of computer-generated time. I find that we need to take care of our body, so I go to the gym three times a week, ride my bike as often as possible, and on the weekends I like to go hiking with my fiancee and our dog.

In addition to all of the above, I also do photography. For the last twelve years, it has been an analog photo, but with the purchase of a digital camera last year, I am increasingly moving to modern photography.

Skills & Tools

A list of skills I've used so far:

I start each project by creating a good structure and preparing tags for good SEO.



My weapon of choice in a place where beauty matters.


A place where the magic happens. With this, I create the dynamic and functionality of the site.


The number one CMS in the world, you just have to love it.


An excellent framework for easily adjusting the responsiveness of a page.


Simply put, it's CSS on stereoids!

A lists of tools I've used so far:


For me, it is still the best graphic processing tool I use to create sites.


Although it can be the same as Photoshop, this tool has proven to be great when collaborating with others on a larger project.


I save every project here, and later use it to deploy on the web.

VS code

My favorite code editor. Without his extensions, writing code would be unthinkable to me.


A great place to train your coding skills and then show them to the world.


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Ivan Smokrović

UI developer


For my second article, I decided to make a list of everything I use from hardware, software, and extensions to be as productive as possible as a UI developer.

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Ivan Smokrović

UI developer

Pursuit of happiness

In this article, I will explain to you how, at the age of thirty, I decided to change my profession and pursue my passion.

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